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Manali , one of the naturally blessed hill stations of north Indian state Himachal Pradesh is situated at an elevation of 1,950 m above the sea level in the Beas River Valley. Covered by the snow capped peaks of Himalayas, near the northern end of Kullu Valley it is about 250 km from the state capital Shimla. The people, culture and festivals of Manali reflects the socio-cultural life style of the indigenous inhabitants of the region. The rich cultural legacy and ancestral heritage of this hilly region is unfazed and unaltered by the rapid industrialization of the modern times which is clearly evident by the cultural values that the people of Manali still believes in. Manali is home to several indigenous tribes of the region each of which follow its unique cultural pattern and social customs. The tribal communities of Kinnaur and Gujjar are the most prominent tribes of the region who are commonly referred as the wandering tribes of the region. Each tribe or community has its own folk dances, music and art forms which they perform with great enthusiasm and perfection during their various fair and festivals.

The people of Manali are simple and worship nature. All the religious ceremonies which are celebrated by the local inhabitants are just to appease the Gods and Goddesses associated with nature. They wear hand woven traditional attires that reflect their artistic skills and creative imaginations. Among the fair and festivals of Manali Dusshere is quite famous. It is ten day long festival which is celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm. Various customs and ritual which are a part of culture of Manali just reflects the glimpses of the glorious bygone days of the region. The food largely owes itself to the crops that are widely grown in the surroundings. The main crops are paddy, maize, Kodra and Salyara that mark up the main dishes of the people of Manali. An abundance of milk and milk based recipes dominate the food habitat of Manali people. So next time when you visit Manali you will surely find the unique cultural heritage of the this hill station that attract the visitors from far off places to explore it and enjoy it.

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